The premise of the Soaring Scholarship is simple. In order to provide the most cost effective support to youth flying, we support soaring, which is far less expensive than power flying. Even though the cost of gliding is between 1/4th and 1/5th the hourly price of flying a powered aircraft, this is still far beyond the means of most youth who have already earned their glider pilot license.

Each participating club has their own program which typically includes a reduced membership fee and subsidized flight costs.  The first scholarship program at York Soaring remains the largest program.  Its model allows the scholarship recipient to pay only $50 as an annual membership fee and $5 for each flight (covering rental and tow costs). The Soaring Scholarship will cover the difference in costs until the scholarship amount awarded has been exhausted. In exchange, recipients are required to contribute volunteer time to their club as per a signed agreement at the time of the award.

The program has been very successful at York Soaring Association in Ontario with an average of 25 scholarships awarded each season.  Scholarships are also awarded at SOSA Gliding Club where a single seat Jantar is also owned by YFC for use by youth pilots.  If your club would like to know more about this program or make scholarships available in your area please contact Virginia Thompson via our contacts page in the Contacts section of the website.

To submit an application, the applicant must:

  • Be a licensed glider pilot.
  • Be between 16 and 26 years of age.
  • Have an infectious enthusiasm for gliding.
  • Be a full time student with good grades.
  • Submit a self-written application why they should be selected, and be willing to write a report that evaluates the impact the Soaring Scholarship has had on them.
  • Submit their application to Youth Flight Canada before May 31st.
  • Confirm they will use the Scholarship to its fullest extent during the Summer months (flying season).

Download an application form here